Sunday Ministry @ ALF
Many Senior Citizens @ Assisted Living Facilities want to attend a Church Service on Sundays!

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Magnolia Manor Nursing Home

Brookdale Northdale  
Formerly: Emeritus at Northdale
3401 West Bearss Avenue
Tampa, FL 33618
Brookdale ALF
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(800) 555-5555
EMs visit Brighton Gardens each Wednesday and offer residents Holy Communion to residents in their rooms, etc. A priest offers a formal Mass on the 3rd Wed. each month. A bus takes 6-8 Catholics to Catholic Church on Sundays. There is no Communion Service on Sundays, although preacher-Bob plays his guitar and a woman gives a 1-hour Bible lecture.
EMs offer Sunday Services to Reminisce residents @ 1040 AM and Assisted Living residents @ 11:00 AM. The 11 AM service follows a 90-minute non-denominational service. Several non-Catholics stay for the Catholic service and receive blessings. A priest offers a formal Mass on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
Brighton Gardens
A 9:30 AM  Service is offered every Sunday by a EM. Approximately 12-15 Catholics and 2-3 other Christians attend each week. The response and enthusiasm has been tremendous, with residents saying prayers for others. 
Special events were offered at Halloween (pumpkins) and Christmas (stockings).
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