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Sunday Ministry @ ALF
Many Senior Citizens @ Assisted Living Facilities want to attend a Church Service on Sundays!

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Seniors like worshiping in a group on Sundays!
Who needs this? 
Mrs: Caputo (85) - I've attended church for 75 years. I appreciate your coming here Sunday mornings.
Every Catholic Parish should consider offering a Sunday Service to Assisted Living Facilities. Eucharistic Ministers currently visit the sick and homebound (including nursing homes) on Wednesdays or Fridays. Why not Sundays and, why not include a brief  Service so that ALF residents can pray together and experience the ritual of the Liturgy. This is NOT equivalent to a mass performed by a Priest or Deacon, and it's not a replacement for attending Mass. It is better than nothing when transportation to church is not available or the health issues make it difficult to attend church. See "Procedures Page" for details.

Bill (92) - My son takes me to church every so often. It's nice that I can come here when he doesn't have time. Thank you.
Betty (78) - It's almost like being in church. This is my family now.
John C (81) - Going to church is best, but this is better than nothing. 
Mrs: Sanusky (88) - I know he isn't a Priest or Deacon, but I like to receive Holy Communion.
Every Assisted Living Facilitywith 10 or more Catholics, should consider making suitable space available, and offering this Service to residents. Contact your local Catholic Church or email us questions.
Hospitals, Mental Health Facilities, prisons and other institutions should also consider providing a Catholic Communion Service on Sundays!

Why Not?

Manpower, is the primary reason Mass is not offered on Sundays at Assisted Living Facilities. Priests and Deacons are busy. We are suggesting that Eucharistic Ministers can partially fill this void by offering Communion Services. This allows 'ALF residents' to attend church in a community environment on the Lord's Day. It's not ideal, going to Mass is better, but is much better than nothing.

I repeat; ALF residents should try to go to church on Sundays and attend Mass conducted by a Priest. ALFs should provide transportation if possible. Deacons and retired Priests are better qualified to conduct a Mass or  Service at an ALF, but when they are not available, Eucharistic Ministers can fill the void.
Comments from Residents 
Adrienne (68) - I'm Christian, but not Catholic. I like the service and receive a blessing rather than Communion.

Ask your Pastor
for it!

Offer it!
Residents &

Demand it!

It's been awhile - my bad!

by Jim Plautz on 10/30/17

I haven't posted for a few months, but I continue my Sunday "Communion Services" to Magnolia Manor ALF (9:30 AM) and Brookdale - Northdale (11:00 AM "weekly" and Arden Courts and Manor Care once a month. I missed a couple weeks in Sept. for vacation. Still do not have a back-up, although Fr.  Kevin visited MM once, (in addition to our once-a-month Masses on Thursdays).

I do "Communion Services" on Sundays (click on the How-to tab above for procedures). Yesterday I gave approximately 35 "communions" to Catholics and another 15 "blessings" to other Christians that attend these services.

Al Pereira (Protestant) passed away last week. We said a prayer for Mr. Pereira with his Mela, his wife. We also took the time to remember Mary Rosello and others of our little congregation, who had passed recently. I believe this "you will not be forgotten" aspect of our Sunday services, is important.

Jim (EM)

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