Sunday Ministry @ ALF
Many Senior Citizens @ Assisted Living Facilities want to attend a Church Service on Sundays!

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Manpower Requirements - Eucharistic Ministers
 Someone at the ALF must get the Catholics (and other Christians, if determined appropriate), to a quiet place (e.g. dining room, activity room, library) where the service will be held. It's Sunday, so the Activities Director and other staff might not be there. 

Getting the help and cooperation of the ALF' staff is very important, as most of our clients are in wheelchairs. Others might want to sleep late. The more supportive the ALF staff' the smoother the service will be. 

One EM does two ALF each Sunday; 
    1. "at the 9:30 AM location Claudette gathers the residents into the dining room and tells me when everyone is there, that is coming, and who isn't feeling well and requests I go to their room after the service is completed. We try to keep this to a minimum."
    2. "at the 2nd ALF, we start 11:00 AM, although the first 5-10 minutes are pre-service stories and discussion. These residents are more self-sufficient, but more Catholics attend if the ALF' staff rattles their door and reminds them. Some are already there because they attended a prior non-denominational service."

Note: "We also do a 10-minute service @ 10:45 AM in their Alzheimer (lock-down) wing where the head nurse gathers 4-6 Catholics into their activity room. Again, the nurses are key to getting Catholic residents to the service."

Manpower Needed: One primary EM, per location, and 1 or 2 subs to cover vacations, etc. The "service is 20-30 minutes in length; max.

Job Description: EMs that are knowledgeable about scripture and feel comfortable speaking in front of people. This is more informal than a service conducted by a priest. Each EM will develop their own style and their audience.

Manpower Requirements - Assisted Living Facility
Eucharistic Ministers needed to provide a Brief, Sunday Communion Service, 

Assisted Living Facilities! 
 (15-25 minute services)
The feed-back from ALF residents, and self-satisfaction for EMs, is amazing! 
Catholic “seniors” want to attend a church service & enjoy Holy Communion on Sunday!

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Jim currently does two Sunday Ministries  weekly and a traditional visit to a 3rd ALF on Wednesdays.